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Field Rules – Great Meadows Field

Below is a short list of items that require clarification. We expect all pilots to act in a safe and courteous manner.

  • Hours – 7am until dark – 7 days a week
    • No gas, glow or loud electric planes prior to:
      • 9am – Mon – Friday
      • 10am – Saturday
      • 11am – Sunday
  • Engines must have proper noise restricting exhaust. No propeller ripping. Be noise aware at all times.
  • Throttle kill and fail safe required (ask for programming assistance if needed. This is an easy requirement that can be setup in any radio)
  • Small foamies and small helis (250 size and under) can use field at the end of the parking lot
  • Always stand on edge of field while flying so you can be seen by other pilots
  • Pickup ALL garbage and take home. The fire pit is not a garbage can.
  • 3 or more pilots flying at the same time requires a spotter
  • No more than 4 planes flying at once
  • No hand starting propeller without a glove or chicken stick
  • Last person leaving must lock the gate
  • Use common sense at all times!!